How we became a twintastic family…

My hubby and I have had numerous conversations about starting a family over the years, but while we were on honeymoon in Italy the subject arose once again.

This time it all seemed extremely real. For my husband to bring up this conversation was strange as it has always been me who had talked about having children. I’ve always wanted my own little munchkins and we had agreed to get married first, as my husband was determined to enjoy and make the most of life before children.

But this was it: we had come to the conclusion we were ready and after enjoying a few months of married life we would start trying.

I honestly thought that being pregnant was going to be magical. Unfortunately the start of my pregnancy was not so magical. I was tired, moody and sick. This wasn’t the normal morning sickness –  I was sick all day, every day. And considering how sick I was, and that it was pretty much impossible to eat anything other than biscuits, my bulging belly really seemed to grow. I thought to myself that at this rate I was going to have one giant baby.

I had read that I should still be fitting into my jeans and that I shouldn’t start to show until around 15 weeks. This should have been my first clue of what was to come…

Then on the 19th of March 2013 at about 2:15 pm my hubby and I received some life-changing news that we were expecting fraternal twins. But as the panic and excitement started to kick in, the midwife found a problem with twin two while scanning. She told us that it was highly likely that twin two would have Down’s Syndrome. At that moment my world came crashing down. At this point I didn’t know much about Down’s; all I knew was they could risk having serious health complications.

We were referred to a specialist to find out more. What I did not expect when we turned up to our appointment was for the consultant to tell us that she was going to do a CVS test (Chorionic Villus Sampling), and that we needed to be prepared to abort one of my unborn babies.

This was all too much for me to take – all I wanted was a normal pregnancy. After taking some time to calm down and to do some serious research we returned to see the consultant and had a amniocentesis. This was probably the worst test I have ever had in my life and the 10-day wait for the results were just plain torture. Even though it wouldn’t have made a difference – I was keeping BOTH of my babies.

twintastic 1stOn the 10th of September 2013 at 1:00pm while ‘burn’ by Ellie Golding was playing on the radio my beautiful daughter Lilly Isabel (twin 1) entered the world, weeing all over the doctors.

She weighed a whopping 7lb 6oz, which is big for a twin. After she had a full check over, Lilly was bundled up in numerous blankets and passed to my hubby.

I never thought I would see the day that my hubby would be so happy that he shed a tear. Even on our wedding day he managed to keep his composure. But not this time!

On this day he became a daddy.
twintastic 2.jpgAs my eyes caught a glimpse of the most angelic beautiful baby I have ever seen, my second daughter Poppy Elizabeth (twin 2) was pulled into the world at 1:01pm.

Poppy was perfectly healthy, weighing 6lb 9oz and she let out the best most amazing cry I have ever heard.

My heart was bursting with love for these tiny little bundles of joy and I have to say even though sometimes they can be ‘double the trouble’ they are definitely 100% double the JOY.


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