Unexpected mother of twins

I think we all know someone that’s had the most magical pregnancy and they’ve loved every second of it.

There seem to be idealistic thoughts towards pregnancy. Women are supposed to feel amazed by the miracle that is growing another human life. Totally besotted by the changes of their body and the new-found glow, which I’m really not sure even exists!

This may even be you?

Well I have to say my pregnancy wasn’t the littlest bit kind to me.

In fact I swore I would never put myself through that again.

It’s funny how everything changes when your babies make an appearance.

I really did envy all the other ‘moms to be’ that were loving their magical pregnancy.

The first few weeks were the easiest; I was tired, bloated, and had extremely sore breasts but apart from that I was feeling good. I was so excited that we were going to have our own little bear soon.

But it was going to be so hard trying to keep it a secret for twelve weeks. If any of you know me I’m terrible at keeping secrets and my husband has always had to lock my Christmas presents away at his work in a safe, just to keep them a surprise!

Before we knew we were expecting, we had planned a skiing trip with some friends and family which was at the end of January.

I was 6 weeks pregnant when we set off for a very long drive to the French Alps. My hubby had booked us on the night ferry over to France, which I could never understand as he is scared stiff of the sea.

I have to say it was one of the longest nights of my life! As soon as I set foot on the boat my morning sickness started. As the holiday progressed, my sickness became worse and I knew this couldn’t be normal.

I really shouldn’t call it morning sickness as I was sick all day.

Our good friends who were sharing an apartment with had identical twin boys that were 7 months old. As I knew I wouldn’t be able to join in with the skiing, I offered my babysitting skills so that my friends could spend some time skiing together. It was so lovely spending time with the boys as they had such beautiful little personalities, even at 7 months old.

I remember telling my hubby when we get home I hope we don’t have twins as it’s really hard work looking after two, especially when you’re throwing up every five minutes. I have to say that was one of the worst holidays I have ever had and there was no keeping my pregnancy secret. Every person on our holiday knew that I was pregnant.

Not long after we got back I had my first midwife appointment. I was desperate for this appointment as I was still extremely sick and couldn’t eat anything other than the odd biscuit. I was starting to get concerned that the baby wasn’t getting any food/nutrition.

My midwife assured me this was completely normal and my baby would be fine. I thought maybe the midwife was going to be able to give me something for the sickness. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. All the midwife gave me was some omega 3 tables and some other vitamins.

Well the omega 3 tables weren’t much use, as I took one and threw up fishy vomit all over my lounge! Needless to say, I threw the rest of the tablets in the bin.

Everyday life was becoming challenging, but I really wanted to leave it as long as possible before telling my manger.

I was concerned how he would take the news, considering that just a few months earlier two other staff members had informed him that they were also pregnant.

This was going to make me the third staff member that would be leaving to go off on maternity and as the senior colourist in the salon I had a very large clientele which would be affected.

By week 10 of my pregnancy I had to call a meeting with my manger as everyone was becoming suspicious. I’m not one for calling in sick and in the 10 years of working for the salon I must have only had about 7 days off. I hated to let my clients and the rest of the staff down. Being pregnant was changing this I had to be sent home. I couldn’t get through one colour without running to the toilet to throw up.

Luckily my manager took my news extremely well and had already guessed. This was such a weight lifted off my mind. My manager was very considerate to me having to take a lot of time off work, as I found it nearly impossible to do my job most days.

I was finding that I was spending most of my free time in bed. Whenever I moved, I got sick. I had also started becoming very spotty, again this was something I wasn’t used to. Especially as they started appearing on parts of my body I didn’t know you could get spots. They were painful, big nasty crater-sized spots!

Before I became pregnant I had decided that I was going to try and be as healthy as possible and that I would keep my exercise up.

This all went don’t the toilet as I attended two Zumba classes. After a bit of shaking, jumping around and then running to the toilet as it made me need to wee every five minutes, finally I threw in the towel on my fitness days. All in all I was completely beaten by this pregnancy and couldn’t imagine how I was going to get through the next 30 weeks.

Our friend (who was the father of the twin boys I mentioned earlier) had been praying for us to have twins, or better yet triplets – as he loved to wind my husband Dean up.

He constantly joked that we were having multiple babies and even sent us a picture just before our scan of him pretend praying with  his arms in the air: ‘Please let it be triplets!’

Then the day of our first scan came and the nervousness set in.

Was our baby going to be healthy? Were they even going to find a baby at all?

My hubby and I sat eagerly in our car in the hospital car park as we found ourselves early. Hubby turned round to me and said; ‘What are we going to do if they find there are two babies and it’s twins?’ I laughed and replied; ‘Don’t be silly – we aren’t that lucky!’

As we sat in the waiting room I glanced around at the other mothers to be and it was quite clear by the size of the ladies who were there for their 12 weeks scan and who was there for the 20 weeks.

I then looked down and my very noticeable baby belly and felt a sinking feeling. Either I was further along than the doctors thought, or this was going to be one large baby!

Or maybe it could be twins…!

Twins scan

Twins scan!


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